This page is here to answer any questions you might have about this site.

Why did you make this website? - To proclaim my love for Jenny Letterson! She’s probably my favorite character from like… anything. I have the biggest crush on her LOL.

Why do you like Jenny? - Many MANY reasons. The main one is her personality, I love how compassionate and caring she is, she’s always there for her girlfriend, I’d love to have someone just like her, and her bits of snarkiness make her like ideal for me. She’s so cute to me. You probably think she looks silly or even ugly, but I think she’s beautiful. I love her big brown eyes and her fluffy red hair. Her big nose and her freckles are very cute too but her best feature IMO is her sweet smile. I like many other things about her too, like her voice is very comforting, her taste in fashion… everything about her <3 There’s so many things that make her likeable. As a bonus, I also like the fact she’s gay like me. Specifically I headcanon her as a lesbian, I just like having that experience in common with her.

How do you deal with the TWF hiatus? - The Jenny Letterson withdrawal is starting to get to me I will die in 3 days

Lastly, sorry if there’s anything on this website that's misspelled or worded poorly, my native language isn’t English.
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